Solar, energy storage, monitoring, LED lighting and finance… We provide the most innovative and sophisticated products from reliable and trusted manufacturers to ensure your solution stands the test of time.

Solutions to suit your energy needs

Our solutions are tailored to your home’s energy needs and your budget.

Our product range gives you the option to:

- Take your home completely off the grid.
- Remain grid connected and reduce your dependency on traditional energy sources.
- Upgrade your existing solar PV system.
- Add battery storage to your existing solar PV system.

CSS will conduct a thorough assessment of your home’s energy requirements in order to match it with the best products and solution.

High Performance Solar Modules

Phono Solar Technology Co. Ltd is one of the world’s leading renewable energy product manufacturers and a trusted brand provider. The Phono Solar brand has become synonymous with high performing, top quality photovoltaic panels which are ideal for use in residential installations, as well as commercial installations and large scale power plants


  • Outstanding performance in weak light conditions 
  • Excellent temperature coefficient giving higher yields in the long term
  • IP68 connectors enhance the reliability of the PV system
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Certified to withstand increased loads of up to 5400Pa
  • Positive current sorting
  • Anti-PID [1]
  • 25-year performance warranty [2]

[1] Anti-PID modules are only available upon request.
[2] In compliance with Phono Solar’s warranty terms and conditions.

Durability assured

  • Salt mist corrosion resistance 
  • Fire test resistance 
  • Ammonia corrosion resistance 
  • Blowing sand resistance 
  • Manufacturing facility certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 
  • Internal quality control has standards higher than both IEC and UL 
  • Product quality is assured through the use of branded components 


LG Chem RESU (Next Generation)

Featuring a sleek design and powerful performance, LG Chem’s new generation energy storage system has arrived.

Five new LG Chem RESU (residential energy storage unit) models are now available to meet customers’ varying needs with respect to voltage and capacity.

The RESU comes in three low-voltage battery systems (48 volt) at 3.3kWh, 6.5kWh and 9.8kWh. Two high voltage (400 volt) systems are also on offer at 7kWh and 9.8kWh.

With the RESU Plus expansion kit, all 48V models can be ‘cross-connected’ with one other 48V unit of any capacity. This allows the RESU range to offer energy storage capacities from 3.3kWh to 19.6 kWh.


  • World-leading lithium-ion battery technology
  • Compact and light weight
  • Powerful performance: World best energy density
  • Easily adaptable energy storage solution
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation enable
  • Diverse matched inverters available
  • Lamination and stacking technology provides durability ensuring 80% of capacity retention after 10 years.
  • BMS (battery management system) firmware can be updated easily by using SD card


  • Charge during off-peak times – Discharge during peak times
  • Store solar energy generated from photovoltaic panels for future use
  • Discharge during a blackout, functioning as backup power


LG Chem RESU 3.3, 6.5 & 9.8

The RESU comes in three low-voltage battery systems (48 volt) at 3.3kWh, 6.5kWh and 9.8kWh.

With the RESU Plus expansion kit, all 48V models can be ‘cross-connected’ with one other 48V unit of any capacity. This allows the RESU range to offer energy storage capacities from 3.3kWh to 19.6 kWh.

With LG Chem, PV system owners can use PV electricity for their own requirements, not only during sunlight hours but also at times of less light, such as in the morning or evening. Electricity produced by the PV system can be consumed directly, stored in the batteries or fed into the public grid. Self-consumption is prioritised; grid power will only be used when neither the PV system nor the batteries are able to supply sufficient electricity.


LG Chem RESU 7 & 9.8

The RESU also comes in two high-voltage (400 volt) systems at 7kWh and 9.8kWh.

The new systems are lighter and smaller than their predecessors and have been designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Solax X-Hybrid Inverter

More than just an inverter, the innovative X-Hybrid is an intelligent energy management system that stores surplus energy in batteries for later use.

The inverter works in conjunction with the LG Chem residential energy storage unit to increase renewable energy 'self-use' to provide financial and practical benefits to the customer.


  • Emergency power supply
  • MPPT efficiency up to 99%
  • Maximum efficiency up to 97.6%
  • Maximum DC input voltage of 580V
  • Dual MPP tracker and wide MPPT voltage range for more flexibility
  • Manage remotely via built-in CT and Wi-Fi monitoring
  • Programmable export control
  • An enlarged internal charger, with multiple external charger size for choice
  • EPS (Emergency Power Supply) function
  • Low consumption mode at night
  • Support external alarm system
  • Anti-battery polarity reverse and anti-current surge
  • Battery awakening function
  • Battery temperature protection
  • Wi-Fi/Cable monitoring
  • Firmware upgrading via Ethernet port


  • Remote monitoring via Solax Portal
  • A variety of communication methods available, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G
  • Quick installation and easy operation with 'Plug and Play' function
  • Storage of over 25 years
  • Graphical display of PV system data on Solax Portal
  • Operational failures can be detected rapidly and transmitted via email
  • Report of collected data and performance can be sent via email regularly
  • Free standard access to Solax Portal for the entire service life of the PV system


Sunny Island 3.0M / 4.4M

The Sunny Island 3.0M and 4.4M (inverter) when combined with LG Chem’s residential energy storage unit offers an adaptable storage solution which can be adjusted for your household’s energy needs.


  • For new and existing PV plants
  • For single-phase and three-phase systems from 2kW to 13kW
  • Maximum efficiency greater than 95%
  • Easy commissioning and installing
  • High degree of protection IP 54
  • Reliable operation thanks to high overload capacity
  • Long battery life thanks to intelligent battery management 
  • Suitable for use at any location thanks to robust design and increased temperature range 
  • Compatible with many well-known lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries


  • Sunny Island 3.0M
  • LG Chem 6.4kWh
  • Sunny Remote Control
  • Sunny Island Speedwire Piggyback
  • Sunny Home Manager
  • SMA Energy Meter
  • Comms Cable


Reposit Power

Care Solar Solutions is a proud installer of energy optimisation software Reposit Power.

Reposit learns, adapts and predicts your energy usage to ensure you get the most from your solar, save money on your power bill and pay off your battery faster.

Reposit can even sell your power back to the grid when the prices are highest – earning you GridCredits and an even lower energy bill.

Reposit is like your own energy stock broker. If the demand is high enough, it will automatically trade your excess energy for GridCredits™ which it will then put towards lowering your bill – and every GridCredits you earn is another dollar off your bill.

To access GridCredits you will need to be with an energy company that offers a GridCredits plan.

With Reposit you’re only connected to the grid when you have to be and when energy prices are at their lowest.

Thanks to cleverly designed algorithms, Reposit can predict cloudy weather in your area and pre-emptively charge your battery harder during low cost times.

Reposit is constantly looking ahead, planning the best way to use or store the solar energy, based on predictions of how much is likely to be generated and the home’s typical electricity use.


  • Compatible with single phase, two phase and three phase sites
  • Compatible with all solar inverters
  • Compatible with battery inverters and batteries: Solax, Sungrow, SMA Sunny Boy Storage
  • Compatible with batteries: LG Chem 48 Volt, LG Chem High Voltage
  • Reposit app allows you to monitor your home’s energy use


  • Cut solar battery payback by up to half (requires Time-of-Use tariff and GridCredits plan)
  • Find the cheapest energy for you
  • Competitively priced
  • No ongoing costs
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • Simple installation
  • Five-year warranty



An Australian designed and manufactured wireless energy monitoring system provides real-time utility data allowing you to monitor your energy usage. Hardware is installed on site, while the monitoring system employs Cloud Storage to store your energy management system’s data. You can access this real-time energy data on your PC (or Mac), tablet or smartphone.


  • An all-in-one data-logging device for energy monitoring applications 
  • Real-time energy monitoring
  • Wireless monitoring solution
  • Calculates power generation by RS485 communication to compatible inverters
  • Electricity can be measured via digital input to compatible power sensors
  • See energy costs as they are incurred
  • Transmits all data to software for display
  • View your data through the customised online portal

Energy saving downlights

By installing LED lamps and fittings, or replacing your home’s traditional incandescent and halogen lamps, your home will use less energy. Good quality LED (light-emitting diode) lighting products produce similar light output to traditional incandescent and halogen lamps and reach full brightness without the need for warm-up time. The lifespan of LEDs has also been proven to eclipse that of incandescent light bulbs, and many fluorescent lamps.


  • Downlight
  • Module
  • Spotlight
  • Global bulb
  • Reflector light
  • T8 tube
  • Panel light

Need help with Finance

CSS believes everyone should have an opportunity to access the technology needed for a smarter, cleaner energy system. That’s why we’ve teamed up with an innovative, Australian finance company to remove the hurdle of the upfront capital costs required to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your power bills without delay.


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